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Offer Dredging Solutions

Channel dredging is one of the important tools in the implementation of the waterway engineering construction. The main channel dredging is the coastal, inland channel construction, maintenance, expansion, deepening and other governance. Channel dredging is one of the main methods to develop the channel, increase and maintain the channel scale. In the middle and lower reaches of some large rivers and estuary area in the world, the water depth is maintained by dredging. The position of dredging in channel engineering is more and more important. With the development of regional economy, the function of the port is becoming more and more important, the large scale development of the port demands the depth of the navigable water is more deep. With the development of global information, between the various countries' economical trade is more and more frequent and close, the import and export of international trade promotes the coastal port and channel dredging. We can see that the reliable market demand also is the force of the sustainable development of channel dredging. Inland port and channel is the most important infrastructure for inland waterway. With the regional economic and industrial structure adjustment, the inland areas will be more and more integrated into the global economy, and benefit from trade and grow fast. This trend makes channel dredging for inland ports to become another huge development space for dredging engineering field follow channel dredging for coastal port. Waterway dredging is adsorbed in bed soil surface dirt, heavy metals and other toxic substances, in dredging and discharging mud, may make the water and the surrounding environment deterioration, so combined with practical environmental dredging, to ensure to design safety, rational, environmentally friendly dredging project, choose correctly the dredging tool, to ensure the implementation of dredging engineering goals.


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