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Water mineral processing equipment

Water mineral processing equipment

Shandong Haiya Dredging Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd
No.01599,Xiangjiang west street ,advanced manufacturing industrial park,binhai economy development zone,weifangcity,shandong,china
2021-6-19 231

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Chain bucket dredger. The hull adopts assembled box structure. According to the geographical conditions, the operation mode of the whole ship is designed, which is equipped with operation room, operation platform, generator set, excavation device, sand gravel separation device, gold extraction device, lifting device, positioning device, etc.

Main uses:

In the chain bucket dredger, the material is fed into the lengthened roller screen driven by the motor, and then the sand, stone and mud are mixed first, and then the sand and stone are separated. After the stone is screened, it flows to the side by the chute, the fine sand enters the chute with sticky gold blanket through the sliding plate for yellow gold extraction, and the tail sand flows away naturally through the chute.

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